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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Dealing with serious flood damage at home is not the end of the world. And most importantly, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to get your home back into living condition again. In fact, you may find (like I did) that recovering from a flood gives you an opportunity to improve the look and feel of your home overall, and even to implement design options that increase the value of your property. I spent about a year fixing up my place after a pipe exploded while I was on vacation, and literally ruined everything inside from the flooring and walls, to my photos and important paperwork. So, I figured I could help others "pick up the pieces" and create a bigger ad better lifestyle at home by turning a flood situation into an opportunity, instead of dealing with it like a crisis.


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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

4 Easy Ways To Clean Your Window Blinds

by Scott Gordon

Blinds can be a great way to adorn your windows and allow you to control how much light enters a room. However, over time blinds can collect dust and get dirty. It can be a challenge to clean them, but you don't have to always take down the blinds in order to clean them. Here are four easy ways to clean your window blinds.

Use Old Socks, Vinegar and Water

A simple way to get dust off of your blinds is to wipe each row with clean, old socks and a vinegar and water solution. Use about a cup of vinegar and a cup of water to make a cleaning solution, put the sock on your hand, and dip your hand into the mixture. Then, move your hand across each row, dipping your hand into the cleaning solution when necessary. Continue until all the rows have been cleaned. If you choose, you can then put another dry, clean sock on your hand to make sure that the blinds are dry after you've cleaned them.

Don't want to get your hands wet? Instead of putting a sock on your hand, use a spatula. You can also put on a pair of kitchen gloves before putting the sock on your hand.

Vacuum Dust Away

You can use your vacuum cleaner for more than cleaning your carpets. Using a hose attachment with a brush, vacuum the dust off of each row. For best results, vacuum horizontally along each row. You should be able to suck up most of the dust on your blinds.

Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets will attract the dust on your blinds, so you can wipe each slat with an unused, dryer sheet when you want to do a little cleaning. You can even dampen the dryer sheets for better results. As a dryer sheet becomes dirty with dust, use another until all the slats are clean.

Try Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener can be an easy way to clean the dust off your blinds. Just dip a small, clean paintbrush into liquid fabric softener, and "paint" the slats with it. This method works especially well for wood blinds, since too much water can damage wood blinds. When you're done "painting" all the rows on your blinds, wipe them clean with a dry cloth.

With these easy tips, you can keep your blinds clean without too much effort. Make sure to clean your blinds every few weeks, so that you don't have to deal with too much dust buildup.

For more details on blind maintenance, get in touch with a local company, like Brandt's Interiors & Workroom.