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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Dealing with serious flood damage at home is not the end of the world. And most importantly, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to get your home back into living condition again. In fact, you may find (like I did) that recovering from a flood gives you an opportunity to improve the look and feel of your home overall, and even to implement design options that increase the value of your property. I spent about a year fixing up my place after a pipe exploded while I was on vacation, and literally ruined everything inside from the flooring and walls, to my photos and important paperwork. So, I figured I could help others "pick up the pieces" and create a bigger ad better lifestyle at home by turning a flood situation into an opportunity, instead of dealing with it like a crisis.


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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Tips For Hanging Decorative Paper Lanterns

by Scott Gordon

If you've decided to use paper lanterns for a decorative lighting effect, you'll want to give careful consideration to the method that you use to hang them. Not only is the method you use going to dictate their lighting effect, it's also going to be a significant safety concern. You'll want to make sure that they are secure and upright no matter where you hang them. Here are a few ideas to help you hang your paper lanterns for any occasion.

Indoor Hanging Tips

If you're hanging paper lanterns for an indoor event, you'll have to determine if you want to anchor them heavily or not. If you need them heavily anchored, you'll have to be able to drill holes in the wall or ceiling for anchor hooks. For buildings where you can't drill holes or use anchor hooks, consider investing in plastic, removable hooks. Choose heavy-duty plastic hooks so that you can be confident that they are secure. Most removable hooks are strong enough to stand up to the demands of an event or gathering and can easily be removed without any residue afterward.

  • Hang Each Lantern From Its Own Hook – One way to hang the lanterns indoors is to have a single hook for each lantern. Then, you can use thin fishing line or other invisible string on the hook if you want the lantern to hang lower than the hook's elevation.
  • Hang the Lanterns From a Line – You can create a decorative line of lanterns across the room by hanging a heavy laundry line or other cable. Then, hang the lanterns directly on the line. Just make sure you have anchors to support the cable in the middle to keep the line from sagging too far.

Outdoor Hanging Tips

If you're hosting an outdoor event, you'll want the lanterns to hang somewhere secure. Paper lanterns can create an elegant glow when placed properly, but you don't want to be careless about it. Consider hanging them from pillars, poles or other similar features that already exist in the yard.

Otherwise, you can drive pole hangers in the ground to hang them from. These poles look a bit like a Shepard's cane, and they have a small hook on the end of the curve. You can hang the lanterns from these, and the diameter is small enough that it won't leave destructive holes in the yard.

With tips like these, you can maximize your use of decorative hanging lanterns like paper lanterns for your next gathering or event.