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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Dealing with serious flood damage at home is not the end of the world. And most importantly, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to get your home back into living condition again. In fact, you may find (like I did) that recovering from a flood gives you an opportunity to improve the look and feel of your home overall, and even to implement design options that increase the value of your property. I spent about a year fixing up my place after a pipe exploded while I was on vacation, and literally ruined everything inside from the flooring and walls, to my photos and important paperwork. So, I figured I could help others "pick up the pieces" and create a bigger ad better lifestyle at home by turning a flood situation into an opportunity, instead of dealing with it like a crisis.


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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Your Air Conditioning Options

by Scott Gordon

There are quite a few different types of air conditioners out there, and some might be better suited to your needs than others. To help you decide which type would be best for you, here are some overviews of two of the most popular air conditioning systems: traditional central systems and heat pumps.

Central Systems

Your first option is to set up a central air conditioning system in your home. Many homes and buildings already have these systems installed, which means that it is very easy to replace the existing unit. However, if you do not have the necessary infrastructure already, then adding a central system could be extremely difficult. The main thing that you need to have is a comprehensive ventilation system, so that you can properly distribute the output of your air conditioner.

When upgrading from one central system to another, you should try to aim for a more efficient unit than your existing air conditioner. Increased efficiency means drastically lower energy costs if you use your AC a lot, so a higher upfront cost might actually be entirely offset by long-term savings. In fact, an efficient air conditioner might even save you money if you use it enough.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are unique in that they can act as a heater or an air conditioner, depending on your current needs. Like central systems, they generally need a solid ventilation system to distribute the output throughout your building.

One of the biggest benefits of a heat pump is that it offers incredible efficiency under certain circumstances. If you need to heat up your home a small amount during winter and need to cool down by a couple of degrees in summer, then a heat pump is an excellent idea. You will only need to buy a single appliance, will only need to maintain a single appliance, and your electricity bills will be quite low. 

However, if you live somewhere that has more extreme winters, then a heat pump will rapidly lose efficiency. If you are intent on using a heat pump in an area that has cold winters, then you might want to invest in a geothermal unit, rather than an air-based heat pump.

Geothermal units take heat from the soil and rock beneath your home, rather than the air. This ultimately results in higher efficiency during periods of extreme cold, but it does come with a much higher installation cost. Geothermal units need to be installed beneath your home, which requires a fair bit of labor and expertise. Click here for more information on air conditioning repair.