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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Dealing with serious flood damage at home is not the end of the world. And most importantly, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to get your home back into living condition again. In fact, you may find (like I did) that recovering from a flood gives you an opportunity to improve the look and feel of your home overall, and even to implement design options that increase the value of your property. I spent about a year fixing up my place after a pipe exploded while I was on vacation, and literally ruined everything inside from the flooring and walls, to my photos and important paperwork. So, I figured I could help others "pick up the pieces" and create a bigger ad better lifestyle at home by turning a flood situation into an opportunity, instead of dealing with it like a crisis.


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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Tire Care Tips

by Scott Gordon

When it comes to operating a motor vehicle, safety should be a top priority. Recognizing that your vehicle's tires play a primary role in its overall safety is the first step toward making your car or truck a safer way to travel. Proper tire maintenance should be an important part of any driver's routine.

Here are three tips you can use to ensure that your tires remain in good condition in the future.

1. Keep your tires properly inflated.

One common mistake that many drivers make when it comes to caring for their vehicle's tires is failing to ensure that tires are properly inflated. When the air pressure in your vehicle's tires is too low, you can generate excessive heat while driving that could lead to a blowout. Tire pressure that is too high will result in uneven wear of the center tread.

Be sure that you consult your vehicle's operator manual to determine the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure, and check your tires regularly to ensure that the pressure falls within the recommended range.

2. Check for uneven tread wear.

The way that the tread on your vehicle's tires wears out can tell you a lot about the performance of your vehicle. It's important that you are taking the time to conduct a visual inspection of the tread wear on your tires in order to maintain the safety of your car.

While some types of uneven tread wear can be corrected through a tire rotation, if you notice that there are extremely smooth spots on your tires, then this could signify a serious alignment problem that could make your car difficult to handle safely. Use the tread wear on your tires as a diagnostic tool to help you better maintain your vehicle in the future.

3. Replace problematic tires as soon as possible.

If you have a tire with a slow leak, you may be tempted to invest in a quick fix to prevent air loss and continue driving on the tire for an extended period of time. However, once the original rubber of a tire has been breached, its integrity is compromised.

While repairing a tire with a slow air leak can help you keep your vehicle operable in the short-term, you should recognize that this repair is not a long-term solution. Plan to replace problem tires as quickly as possible to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Understanding the role that tires play in vehicle safety will make it easier for you to invest the time and energy required to maintain your vehicle's tires in the future. For more information on tire repair, contact a company like Terpstra's Sales Service & Rentals.