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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Dealing with serious flood damage at home is not the end of the world. And most importantly, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to get your home back into living condition again. In fact, you may find (like I did) that recovering from a flood gives you an opportunity to improve the look and feel of your home overall, and even to implement design options that increase the value of your property. I spent about a year fixing up my place after a pipe exploded while I was on vacation, and literally ruined everything inside from the flooring and walls, to my photos and important paperwork. So, I figured I could help others "pick up the pieces" and create a bigger ad better lifestyle at home by turning a flood situation into an opportunity, instead of dealing with it like a crisis.


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Picking Up the Pieces After a Flood

Choose Custom Window Treatments For Your Residence

by Scott Gordon

Window treatments can be used to reinvent a space or add a level of privacy that you aren't currently supplied with. A custom window treatment selection process will be dependent upon a window style, its location and purpose, and treatment care requirements.

Window Treatment Types

  • valances
  • shades
  • blinds
  • curtains
  • drapes

The Window Style

Casement windows are anchored on one side and designed to open outward. Sliding windows and single or double-paned windows that contain a standard design will open left to right or up and down. There are also window styles that are designed to remain closed. An octagon or circular-shaped window, for instance, may be used solely to allow sunlight to filter into a room.

Once you assess the windows in your home and determine their purpose and the possibility of opening one or more of them, you can choose how versatile you would like some custom treatments to be. If you have windows that will open inward, you may not want to place heavy draperies along the front of them.

Instead, you may decide upon a pair of blinds or a light fabric window covering that can easily be lifted upward. This will allow you to keep your privacy level intact, but will also support removing a treatment from the front of a window and providing you with the ability to allow sunlight to filter into your home.

Care Instructions, Patterned Products, and Privacy Features

Wool, linen, and other fine fabrics may need to be hand-laundered or dry cleaned. The care requirements may reflect upon your desire to choose a specific textile for each custom treatment. Some fabrics may pill easier than others or require occasional pressing. Review various fabrics and consider how a textile product will need to be maintained.

Patterned products can be used to tie into a decor style that is already being implemented within the rooms of your home. Floral prints can be used to create custom treatments that will complement your plant collection or bright, vivid colors that furnishings have been upholstered with. Rich, darker window treatment fabrics can be used to coincide with the subtle design elements within your home.

If you would like to block sunlight on occasion, blackout products can be used to create some custom fabric panels that will hang in front of glass panes. Wide-slatted blinds can also be used to improve privacy within your home. Custom treatments can consist of a single textile type or multi-layered products that are displayed together.